"(*) Hello, my name is Marjorie, and I’ve been wearing a SpineCor® brace since the age of 7. When my family doctor first diagnosed me with scoliosis five years ago, my mother took me to Sainte-Justine’s Hospital. I was worried, but Dr. Rivard introduced me to the SpineCor® brace. That brace is now part of my life, so when I saw the news report about it on La Facture, I felt quite at odds with the accounts made by other families about their experience with it.

I had a double scoliosis, my spine was twisted with two curves. Today, the curves have been corrected and my spine is a little less twisted than before. I think that the brace is a great invention. What’s more, I believe that the brace can help me still and I am wearing it as I speak. My half-sister and one of my friends have also worn it and are just as satisfied as I am with the results. Plus I met my best friend because of the brace—When I was younger, I needed help to re-adjust it when I went to the bathroom and she would help me. I met her in grade 3 and we’ve been friends ever since—well, for five years now. Our friendship means a lot to me because when I was younger it was hard for me to make friends, but now I have so many and I am not shy about showing my true colours."


"(*) After having worn a rigid brace for about 20 years and having had multiple bone grafts in the dorsolumbar region, the orthopaedist who operated me suggested I try SpineCor®. I started wearing the brace six weeks ago for over 10 hours a day as I go about my normal daily routine, which includes tai-chi several times a week. I have stopped wearing my rigid brace since then, as I don’t feel the need for it anymore. Immediately upon the first fitting, my posture significantly improved and the pain which I had for years felt in the dorsal region on a sometimes intermittent, sometimes continuous basis also faded. People around me noticed the change. I know that wearing the SpineCor® brace significantly improves my current physical condition. Though I still feel pain and would like for my posture to improve even more and for my muscles to get stronger, I have good hope that my condition will continue to evolve positively."


"(*) I decided to start wearing the SpineCor® brace at age 61 because my posture was becoming increasingly worse and I had constant pain. In a short time, my posture has really improved and the pain in my shoulder has disappeared. Even those around me have noticed the improvement. Had I known, I would have done it sooner."


"(*) Over the past 5 years, I have seen many back specialists—physiatrist, physiotherapists, osteopaths, naturopaths, massage therapists, chiropractors—in search of relief for my sciatica.

I wanted to regain my ability to go about my normal daily activities, be they physical, social or domestic. Improvement was minimal and slow.

I have been wearing the brace for a little over a month now and the improvement is way beyond my expectations. I can now painlessly accomplish my house chores. And I have been able to do sports again without having to worry about excruciating pain. I no longer suffer from constant, intense pain and my quality of life has greatly improved. I tried it and loved it and found that the benefits of wearing the brace far outweigh the inconveniences."


"(*) In July of last year (2009), three of my vertebrae (T6, T7 and T8) showed compression fractures and I was feeling a lot of pain which seemed to radiate from the fractures out to my shoulders and sides. The pain got worse over the summer.

On August 20, Dr. Louise Marcotte fitted me with a SpineCor® brace, which I have worn every day since. It has greatly reduced the pain, helped to straighten my posture and strengthened the muscles surrounding the fractured vertebrae.

I’m almost 82 years old, and I feel that because of this brace, I can enjoy life a little longer, despite my medical problems."